Technology Summit

In light of current events and being that this training is a larger CPCA event, we have decided to cancel the 2020-2021 Technology Summit with the hopes of hosting the next one in early 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

With technology becoming a valuable resource to police departments, the CPCA Technology Summit aims to inform attendees about the new-and-improved devices available to help fight crime and better serve your community. In addition, we will help you understand the rapid expansion of technology and learn about its place in your police department, understanding how its use can help you better service your communities.

The CPCA Technology Summit is a training and brainstorming opportunity for Chiefs and respective members of their agencies. Through this one-day summit attendees will hear from peers who have been through the process of selecting a vendor from RFP to project implementation. They will have an opportunity to listen to candid struggles and success straight from the mouths of other agencies.