Who we are: 

Established in 1966, the California Police Chiefs Association represents municipal police chiefs and their agencies in California. Association members provide public safety for more than 26 million Californians.

Serving as the voice of and resource of choice for California’s municipal police chiefs, the association’s objectives are to promote and advance the science and art of police administration and crime prevention; to develop and disseminate professional administrative practices and to promote their use in the police profession; to foster police cooperation and the exchange of information and experience throughout the state; to bring about recruitment and training of qualified persons in the police profession; and to encourage the adherence of all police officers to high professional standards of conduct in strict compliance with the Law Enforcement Officer’s Code of Ethics.

Cal Chiefs advocates for sound policy on public safety issues at the state capitol and has an active government relations program. In addition to its committees that focus on emerging issues and provide resources and sample policies to its members, Cal Chiefs provides professional development and training to police chiefs and seconds in command throughout the state. 

Your Board of Directors:

Abdul Pridgen
San Leandro PD

1st Vice President 
Christopher R. Catren
Redlands PD

2nd Vice President
Alexander Gammelgard
Grass Valley PD

Director at Large
Derrick Abel
Manhattan Beach PD

Past President
Eric Nunez
Los Alamitos PD

Region 1
Brian Ahearn 
Arcata PD 

Region 2
Kyle Sanders
Red Bluff PD

Region 3
Ken Savano
Petaluma PD 

Region 4
Rick Hillman
Folsom PD

Region 5
Troy Bergstrom
Roseville PD

Region 6
Neil Gang
Pinole PD

Region 7
Ed Ormonde
Ripon PD 

Region 8
Tracy Avelar 
Foster City PD

Region 9
Cathy Madalone
Pacific Grove PD

Region 10
Joe Garza
Reedley PD

Region 11
Jason Salazar
Visalia PD

Region 12
Jason Benites
Oxnard PD

Region 13
Keith Kauffman
Redondo Beach PD

Region 14
Corey Sianez
Buena Park PD 

Region 15
Sean Thuilliez
Beaumont PD 

Region 16
David Nisleit
San Diego PD

At Large Position
Derrick Abell
Manhattan Beach PD

At Large Position
Deanna Cantrell
Fairfield PD

At Large Member
Chris Hsiung
Mountain View PD

At Large Member
Roxanna Kennedy
Chula Vista PD

At Large Member
Jon Lewis
Newport Beach PD

At Large Member
Ron Raman
San Pablo PD

Past President Representative 
David L. Swing
Pleasanton PD

Retired Chief Rep
Jeff Weaver, Retired 
Sebastopol PD 

Associate Member, Northern CA
Beth Johnson, Captain
Martinez PD

Associate Member, Central CA
Giachino Chiaramonte, Commander Madera PD

Associate Member, SO CA
Jason Sims, Assistant Chief
Culver City PD

Your Committee Chairs:

Your Team:

Leslie McGill, CAE
Executive Director 

Sara Edmonds
Marketing Manager

Shannon Mahoney
Data and Finance Manager

Brittany MacKenzie
Training Manager

Meghan Kalmbacher, CMP
Events Manager

Breanna Eastlick
Training Coordinator

Mark Lorimer
Sponsor and Exhibit Manager

Jonathan Feldman
Legislative Advocate

Jim Touchstone
Legal Counsel

How to Join:

Membership in Cal Chiefs is limited to municipal police chiefs only and their sworn command staff, as well as California Police Chiefs and seconds in command in good standing who have retired. Dues are calculated based on to the total number of full time department personnel. The dues schedule for 2020/21 is below.

Total Personnel
(Sworn & Nonsworn)
Dues Amount
1 - 12 $200.00
13 – 25   $348.00
26 – 50   $440.00
51 – 75   $695.00
76 – 100   $1621.00
101 – 150   $1852.00
151 – 200   $2084.00
Over 200   $2315.00
Associate   $145.00
Retired Chief/Associate   $50.00


Associate Membership

Associate membership may be granted to individuals based upon the following criteria:

  1. An Associate member must be a sworn municipal police officer meeting all the qualifications of applicable California statutes and POST criteria.
  2. The Chief of Police or Director of Public Safety must nominate the Associate and the Chief, or Director of Public Safety, must be a member in good standing in the Association. The Associate member must hold a rank that is considered at management or command staff level, unless the agency’s second in command is a sergeant, and then the sergeant would be eligible to join.

    2020/21 Associate Member Application

    Retired Membership

    Retired members shall include those members who, by reason of years of service or medical condition, have honorably retired as peace officers and were an active or associate member of the Association.

    Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024:

    Strategic Plan 1

    Strategic updated
    Additional Information

    If you have questions or concerns you would like answered prior to submitting your application, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

    Shannon  Mahoney
    Voice: 916/800-8440
    Fax: 916/481-8008
    Email: smahoney@californiapolicechiefs.or